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EBlock Assurance

Buy and Sell with confidence

The Assurance Program protects buyers and sellers from the unexpected, so you can enjoy a transparent, risk-free transaction.

Assurance Hero IMG
Assurance Hero IMG

Look for the Assurance Badge to know you’re protected.

Assurance Badge

Protected from the unexpected

  • Unforeseen non-wear mechanical issues.

  • Covers transport or diagnostic cost if sale is reversed.

  • 96-hour extended customer satisfaction period from time of delivery.

  • Delivery allowance up to 14 days.

Assurance: Engine

Say goodbye to as-is and lengthy arbitration

  • Engine and transmission coverage.

  • Quick and efficient claim resolution.

Assurance: Say goodbye

How does it work?

The $129 Assurance fee comes standard on all vehicles from 3 to 20 years old. Read the terms & conditions to learn more.