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What's New on the Block?

At EBlock, we’re constantly releasing new features and improving existing ones in order to provide a top-tier experience to our customers. Our goal is to help you buy and sell cars quickly and efficiently and support you every step of the way!


Here's a look at our latest features & updates:

Q1 Product Update

The EBlock product team has been hard at work improving your auction experience. Here is a recap of all our updates from Q1 2023. Click the link below to view what is new from the past quarter.



Buyers can now make informed decisions by viewing up to 10 vehicles sold within the last 90 days and their sold prices, allowing them to place more accurate bids. This feature will enable Buyers to acquire more vehicles - don’t forget to utilize the Autobid feature after viewing comparables to make the most of your purchase!


View Your Last Bid

Buyers can see their last Autobid amount during negotiation (in IF BID status). It will now be easier to negotiate knowing what was your initial Autobid amount for that vehicle. Get ready to negotiate better with sellers and close more deals!


Filter and Sort by vehicle score

Buyers can filter vehicles based on condition to only focus on the ones that meet their needs. Refining your search and sorting by vehicle condition can allow you to find your vehicles of interest faster. Note: Sorting by vehicle scores is available on US vehicles, with scores of 0-5.


Filter and Sort by vehicle price

Buyers can save time by refining their search to focus only on vehicles within a specific price range.


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