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Finally, an online auction that’s just as exciting as the real thing!

East Coast Dealers

Live Auctions: Tue, Wed & Thu 2:30 PM EST

Hourly Auctions: End every day at 2 PM EST

West Coast Dealers

Live Auctions: Wednesdays 1:30 PM PST (Coming Soon)

Hourly Auction: End Monday & Thursday at 3 PM PST

Live Auctions

Vehicles Bought and Sold in 60 Seconds

Tuesday 2:30 PM EST Wednesday 2:30 PM EST Thursday 2:30 PM EST

With a sense of urgency found only in a live auction, vehicles are bought and sold in 60 seconds. Our live auctions have set starting times and a runlist that allows buyers to hone in on vehicles of interest and get organized in advance. This translates to more eyes on cars and explains why EBlock boasts an industry high conversion rate.

Reserve Met

Know when a vehicle has met reserve and is going to be sold

Our Storage Compounds

For transportation services please contact transport@eblock.ca to make arrangements.

Hourly Auction

We realize you might want to buy and sell vehicles daily or even hourly. The Hourly Auction gives you the ability to do both as a Grounded or Live Appraisal vehicle. Your time is important to us and this is why this channel has set ending times.


Similar to our Live Auction, our Grounded Auction vehicles have starting prices and mandatory reserves. The difference in this channel is that all units end at the same time daily. Buyers can see when the Reserve is Met and all units have bid extensions and won’t disappear during the action.

Faceted Search

We’ve made filtering vehicles so simple, the vehicles you’re interested in will find you

Auction Timer

We’ve proactively organized the chaos and all Live Appraisals end every hour on the hour

Live Appraisals

Sellers can load up Live Appraisals while customers are in the showroom. This brings the competitive, urgent auction atmosphere into your showroom when you need to appraise and desk a deal. Sellers can set their own starting prices and select their ending time.

We’ve proactively organized the chaos and all Live Appraisals end every hour on the hour. With a timer and bid extensions, be prepared to experience live bidding wars as these hourly appraisals end.

Why choose us?


A car auction where cars are bought and sold in 60s

Physical Auction

Traditional Auction with well-known limitations

Online Competition

Good intentions, but no innovation

Live Auction (Sold in 60s)
Live Trade In Appraisals
Runlists with Set Auction Times
Mandatory Reserves Prices
Industry Low Fees
Tailored Notifications
Verified Third Party Condition Reports
Transparent Bidding Environment

Post Auction Services

Arbitration / PSI Services

EFT Guaranteed Payment

NextGear Floor Plan Services

Storage Compounds

Transportation Services

Title Processing

About Us

Launched in 2016, EBlock is Canada’s fastest growing online auction and the only platform that sells cars in 60 seconds. “It’s about time” there was an online auction that can recreate the sense of urgency and excitement only found, until now, at physical auctions. With the addition of live appraisals that have set “ending times” every hour on the hour, buyers are able to win more appraisals in the least amount of time.  Our goal is to streamline and simplify the car buying, selling and appraising process. EBlock, It’s about time.

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